Halloween is Here my Friends!

ch-dbd-ad1Welcome to the last day of Coffin Hop 2013!  In the past on the last day, I’ve featured interviews with other authors, but this year I wanted to showcase something different.  In yesterday’s post, we came together and spoke of what we were afraid of.  We examined what it is in our world that we fear.  A few people have echoed my sentiment about loss, but there is something else.

Imagine that book you love to read, the stories you love to write, or the way words make up our world…

Then imagine having it all taken away in the blink of an eye.  How would we react to not being able to read a menu, a paper, or even this blog post?  Those of us who write, how would we be able to function without the ability to express ourselves on the page?

In the United States and all around the globe, illiteracy is a major issue.  As the world grows smaller and smaller due to technology, the ability to read and connect to those around you is even more important than in the past.

We can help those who can’t read find the skills to thrive in our globalized world.  This is why I was happy to help out with the Coffin Hop: Death by Drive-In anthology.  All of the money made from the book is being donated to LitWorld.org.  Their mission is to foster literacy around the world, to help children and adults alike learn the tools they need to read and write.  They believe that literacy is a basic human right and I agree with them.  Each person, regardless of country or socio-economic status, should have the power of the word, to express themselves or to read the expressions of others.  Each book sold sends money to a great cause and I ask you to please buy a great book that will leave you horrified, laughing, or mystified.  Remember, with the money raised someone who couldn’t read the book will be given the help and tools they need to enjoy it too.  You can find the book to purchase on Kindle, on SmashWords, and in print.  If you would like more info about the Coffin Hop, the book, or the other authors and artists on the blog hop, go check out www.coffinhop.com for a complete list and other links around the web.

This will bring us to the end of another Coffin Hop.  There have been a few releases in the past couple of weeks and a couple more coming real soon, so stay tuned as we play catch-up in the next few days.  I would to thank all the people who stopped by, commented, and signed up to follow the blog.  In the next few days, the drawings will happen and I will post a list of the winners here.

Everybody have a spooky day and I’ll see you all back here before they close the cemetery gates.

Happy Halloween…

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