And the 2013 Winners are…

IMG_0352[1]It’s Skull Time again!  Like last year, all the names of those brave enough to visit and comment have been dropped into the skull.  Once he was shaken up, the powers of darkness drew the lucky few names to receive prizes this year!

Five names.

Five prizes.

Here we go…

1) A signed 1st print copy of In Memoriam goes to…

Lori Joyce Parker!

2) A digital copy of the Coffin Hop: Death By Drive-In anthology was won by…

Richard Schiver!

3) A digital copy of The Carnival 13 round-robin novella shall be enjoyed by…

A. F. Stewart!

4) This winner will be killed in the re-release of In Memoriam…

Kim Koning!

5) The last prize is a spot in the novel I’m writing for NaNoWriMo.  That lucky (or unlucky-depending on how it goes) is…

L. M. Murphy!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by!  This year was very successful and I hope we let more people into the morgue next year!


One thought on “And the 2013 Winners are…

  1. Yeah! We – all of us bookworms – won! Thanks for all the fun! Contact me at this email, which I tried to write so that search engines couldn’t read it: bookwormpov (reading at) gmail (period) com

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