Here There Be Monsters! Updated…

B_movie coverFor the love of all that is monstrous (and gigantic), Grinning Skull Press has just released all that you need for those nights when small monsters leave you a bit unsatisfied.  Attack! Of the B-Movie Monsters: Night of the Gigantis is now out stalking the wilds for you to hide from.  This excellent collection of 21 tales will have you thinking twice about what falls from the sky or what happens when you dump that cleaner mix down your drain.  Besides my own story, I have the honor of sharing space between the covers with some great authors again.

The story I have in this nifty book is, “Stone Cold Horror From the Stars”.  When the call went out, I really wanted to go where I thought nobody would be going with this and tell the tale of a father and son’s bond through the devastation brought about by a lazy birthday present.  The premise of a growing pet rock seemed utterly absurd to me, but the story took hold in my head and wouldn’t let go.  The finished story ended up being very long and clocks in at just under ten thousand words.  I intended it to be about five thousand words, but once I began writing, it really took over and did its own thing.  The tale took me along for the ride (and the use of my fingers to type with) and I hope you have a fun trip through this monster book.  It’s ready to attack you now on Amazon in print or for Kindle.

As you go forth and shop this Cyber-Monday, don’t forget to shop your favorite authors and give them some cyber-sales to get the shopping season off to a jolly start!  If you want to help out with the super Scares! That Care charity, pick up the collaborative novel, The Carnival 13.  Thirteen horror and dark fiction authors telling one story to benefit sick kids.  So, share some holiday joy this Christmas season because all royalties from the book are being donated to the charity.  Walk, don’t run (ok, run if you wish) to Amazon, Createspace, or Smashwords to pick up a copy today!

I know I’m early today, but goodnight…

UPDATE:  I have updated the Biblio page to show all the Brent Abell goodness you can buy this holiday season and links to make it so.  Give the gift of horror this festive season and help a group of great authors out as we work for royalties…and we need to eat.

b_movie wrap

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