Some Light Reading and 2014 Goals

2013_December_ezine_cover_for_web_medHappy New Year!

To get the year off to a creeping good start, try checking out the new issue of Sirens Call Publications eZine, The Sirens Call. The theme for the issue was, “Dead and Dying” and for any one who has ever wanted to read about my death, this free eZine issue is the perfect thing for the upcoming cold nights!  Yes, I die in my story, “Giver”…

Head over to the Sirens Call website and read issue 12 today!

The new year has already brought the first story sale of the year and I will be posting more that later.  The book is going to be out soon and it should be a nice collection for Valentine’s Day and the love in your life.

Now, the goals…

In 2014, the editing on Southern Devils should be completed and then it will be going out to find a home.  In Memoriam will be re-released with a few additions and then I will have had my final say on the book.  I will be working on a collaborative novel to be announced shortly, putting the finishing touches on a story collection, and trying to complete 52 short stories this year (I’ll be cool with 35-40…I’m setting the bar high).  The tales will be subbed at one a week and I hope to find homes for a few of them.

The next goal is to finish another novel and two novellas.  Right now the Counter of Responsibility sits at:


Untitled White Creek- (novel 10k out of 60k)

The Red Veil- (novella 5k out of 30k)

The Calling- (novella 3k out of 25-30k)

These are going to be the only solo projects I’m committing myself to right now.  I want to finish these and have a good start to a couple of others by the end of the year.  I went poking around in all my writing folders and I found a bunch of stuff that will be seeing completion in the near future.

Get ready, 2014 should be another hell of a ride!




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