Where We Stand This Week

IMG_1462Yes, that is a stack of books containing stories by me and many other talented authors.  Why do I have so many of them?  Well, I’m glad you asked!  I am getting ready to either do a signing this spring or later this year in October again.  There’s a ton of stuff going on right now and the pile of books is only going to get bigger.

Besides the tomes you see in the picture, I will also have copies of the new re-edited and extended In Memoriam, a few other anthologies that haven’t been released yet, and there will also be one or two different story collections of my work this year also.  The collections will be a mix of new stories and some I have the rights back to that I felt I wanted out in the open again warts and all.  This will benefit some people because some of the older books are very hard to find and if they are found, the price is just a tad inflated.

The Counter of Responsibility needs an update too.

Untitled White Creek -Novel- 12k of 60k

The Red Veil- Novella 6500 of 30k

The Calling- Novella 5k of 25-30k

It’s been a slow couple of weeks on these, but I’m pushing through them.  In my defense, I did write a few new shorts, a new chapter for In Memoriam, and went through the rigorous hell of organizing the writing files on my laptop.  I have two secret projects going on this year and the planning for the first one is complete and we are going to start the writing of it in the next few days with a goal of April for the first draft. I’m really excited about the two secret projects and I can’t wait to spill on them.  Stay tuned…

One of my resolutions for me this year is to get a set amount of work completed each week.  My goal is to get around 10k written each week.  If I can manage that, I should be good for the year.  I also want to get a new blog entry out every week on either Friday or Saturday night.  As I find myself in more places on the web with more publishers, I want to keep all the information up-to-date.  Well, I’m going to get off here and get back to, The Calling.  See, I can be productive!



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