When Horror Does Good, The Carnival 13

Hey gang!  Right now I’m moving deeper into a novella and I’m not working on any other long pieces until the first draft is done.  I did want to take a break from the words to remember that anyone can make a difference.  It doesn’t matter if you wrote it or you read it, you can help out those who need a smile and some kindness.

This past fall, SAD House Press released its first book, The Carnival 13.  Julianne Snow, Jason Darrick, and I put together ten other authors to tell one fluid story.  After John Everson started it off, each one of us picked up where the last one left off and continued the story about a group of teens and their encounters in a very dark and evil carnival.

What resulted was an amazingly fun and bloody romp through the canvas tents and rides of those fairs and carnivals that travel America year in and year out.  While we had a blast writing and putting the book together, we did it for a purpose.  None of us are receiving any money for our involvement because all proceeds from the book are being donated to Scares That Care.  We chose it as out charity because they help make children’s stays in hospitals a better experience.  They help to purchase toys, games, and assist with other needs for these kids while they are hospitalized.  It was easy to get behind this charity and every book sold helps to bring a smile to a child’s face.

If you haven’t yet, please go and pick up a copy in support of a great organization.  For more information on Scares That Care, please go and check out their website (click on their name).  To order the book, you can purchase it at Amazon, Createspace, and Smashwords.

Thanks for your time and your support!

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