The Counter of Responsibilities Strikes Back!

badgeIt has been too long since I sat here and told you what I was working on and how far I was in each project.  Admittedly, Some new things have popped up and some things got pushed back.  So, here we go…

1. The Calling– The novella is complete and has been subbed out.

2. Southern Devils- I have just completed going through the first round of edits from my editor for it.  Once we are finished, it is going to be subbed out.  The plot and idea behind the story went over very well on a zombie panel at Imaginarium, so I hope it won’t take long to find a home.

3. Untitled White Creek Novel- I am at 20k of 65-75k for the word count.  This is going to be my major focus for now besides a handful of short stories I want to wrap up and get out to places.

4. I have two other novellas plotted out and I’d like to be finished with them by this winter.

5. There are two projects with other authors that have been floating about.  One is a novel by three of us and the other is a collaboration with another author on a novel.  I hope to get the ball rolling on these because the ideas are amazing.

6. Since I’m already tapped to be a guest at a couple of conventions next year, I want to have some kind of exclusive chapbook for those events.  The rights to some stories will be back with me over the next couple of months, so that is one idea I’m looking at.

There is a lot on the writing plate right now, but over the next year, I’m looking to expand and grow what I’ve started.  Don’t forget to tune in at the end of the month for the Coffin Hop.  Signed goodies and other prizes will be ready to scare you as characters from my work take over and give you something different to think about as they guest post that week.

Until next time my friends,


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