Amazon Book Reviewing Policy.

I thought I’d share a bit about book reviews on Amazon I found after Armand Rosamilia reblogged it. It sheds some light on how the Amazon review process works as well as links for further reading. Reviews are something each author needs. If you read a book, please go and take a few moments to rate and comment on the book. Let us know what you liked or what you didn’t like. Please, just let us know. Writing is something I’m constantly learning and is something I’ll never stop learning and honing and most authors will tell you the same thing.
So, thanks for stopping in and make sure to help your favorite authors out with some honest reviews.
Thanks and good day,

Lit World Interviews

Not long ago I wrote an article called something like Amazon Book Reviewing is Dead. The content was based on information garnered from other posts and from the Amazon Reviewing policy. The posts were based on some fact and some personal experiences of the authors of those posts with the process. Each experience may be different.

As a result of that post there were several comments leading me to decide to remove the post and do more research.

What did I find?

Amazon allows reviews of free products as long as you clearly note in the review that you received the product free for a review. Or if you received it as a present, note as such. It doesn’t say that last one in their policies but FULL DISCLOSURE would imply you should simply disclose how you received the item. Below you will find links to various pages on…

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