Summer Phrenic Press Sale Going on Now!

Click to get it free now till the 29th!

Welcome to summer! Starting today and going through June 29th, all the Phrenic Press titles at Amazon are free. Before you hit the beach for the July 4th holiday or go on a long road trip through the country, load up that Kindle with some sweet stories. One of the titles included in the sale is my own, The Testimony of HJ Pembrooke. So, go now and read the whole Phrenic Press  library for free!  (click the link to see what other great titles await you)

Remember, once you have read the tales go and leave a review or gift the book to another rabid reader you know. Give an author the gift of feedback and a friend the gift of reading.

From Amazon:

It’s the turn of the 20th century in Baltimore, MD, and as the gas lamps burn brightly, madness lurks in the shadows…

When school teacher, Melisa Jameson, mysteriously disappears, famed detective H.J. Pembrooke is called in to investigate. As he sits before the local Constable to give his testimony concerning the events that transpired, what unravels is a twisting account of transcending love, loss, and insanity that intertwines to deepen the mystery of Melisa’s disappearance.

What happened to her on that fateful day and why is Melisa so familiar to our detective? Delve into The Testimony of H.J. Pembrooke to find out where fact ends and the lines of reality begin to blur…


Thanks and have a great summer (while I sit behind the keyboard and catch up on things…),


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