The Sequel Life

hobokenSometimes a good story needs to be told…

… or in the case of Hoboken Hellmouth, four authors couldn’t leave a story alone.

Solomon, the hero and reigning Hellmouth, is back for another round of crazy supernatural shenanigans in the follow up to the wildly irreverent Hollywood Hellmouth. Why did Armand Rosamilia, Jay Wilburn, Jack Wallen, and myself return to the Hellmouth’s world to torture poor Solomon again?

Because in Hollywood, it’s all about the sequel baby! We were also bound to do it because we couldn’t write a trilogy without having a second book. I mean give us some credit…

No seriously, why would we go back and bring a down-on-his-luck Solomon cross-country to Jersey of all places?

We did because we still had something to say. The first book ended up becoming our satirical look at Hollywood and the lengths people will go to be successful in such an environment. Before we completed book one, the idea of a trilogy already began to creep in to our conversations. There were still plenty of things in need of our social commentary and we aim to fill any hole possible with our combined wit and charm.

We also wanted to do more because we have a hell of a good time writing together. I couldn’t comprehend doing these books with anybody else and I never would have. The process is full of us giving each other the same ridicule and scorn we heap upon Solomon. Write what you know, right? Book two has a different tone than the first and the third is different still, but each holds true to our goal with the series. In the end, we wanted to create a project where we could check our serious work at the door and unwind in horrific hilarity while roasting the ugly truths in the genre world.

Now, on the eve of the Scares That Care Weekend, we deliver book two to the hungry masses. Armand and Jay will be there with copies of both books and they can also now both be purchased on Amazon. Fear not readers, book three is completed and all four of us will be on hand at Imaginarium 2015 for its official release.

With the release of Honolulu Hellmouth in September the trilogy draws to a close. The process has been a fun ride and I found it is a good way to bulk up your releases with only having to do a quarter of the work! Seriously, during the grueling schedule to complete the books in time to hit con date targets we became a twisted and warped band of brothers. We bled in the trenches of our combined horror/humor fiction and stood tall only to cut each other down in insult filled messaging. Rest assured, we are not done…

So, today is the day you can finally go and get your hands on the sequel that has more surprises and twists than some dude in a helmet telling his newly handless foe he is his father (that is from a holy trilogy and ours is an unholy one). Grab it in paperback and for that Kindle thing. Keep buying them and we’ll keep writing them. We only ask you leave a review…

Until next time on the con circuit or here with our feet kicked up enjoying the summer,


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