At Imaginarium, the Hellmouth Circle Will be Complete.

imaginarium-design-finalOnce again this year, I will be a guest at the very cool Imaginarium Convention in Louisville, KY. this weekend. It is also a scary prospect because any time Armand Rosamilia, Jack Wallen, Jay Wilburn, and myself get together; it never is a good thing. Case in point, this weekend we officially roll out the red carpet for the final book of our irreverent Hellmouth Trilogy. This weekend, we celebrate Honolulu Hellmouth and in the process we rip on the small press, giant robots, and ourselves. Join us as we say goodbye to Solomon!honolulu

The first time we all met in person was at Imaginarium last year and we set off to write a book. Well, that book turned into three and we may well tackle a project or two together annually. So what will come from our hanging out and White Castle podcasts this year? Stay tuned and find out!

If you are free and around the Louisville area, stop by the Crown Airport for Imaginarium. The dealer room is open for free to the public this year, so come and shop till you drop while supporting the coolest people in the small press.

I’ll have a recap on Monday if I can remember anything. I’ll have Jack take notes…

If you can’t make it, hit Amazon (like click here!) to complete your Hellmouth collection!

Thanks and goodnight…


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