And it Turned into a Middletown Blitz

MTAI still have to pinch myself each time I look at this cover. I scan the names over and over again trying to make sense of it. Joe McKinney, Mark Tufo, Shawn Chesser, Eric A. Shelman, Heath Stallcup, Armand Rosamilia, Jay Wilburn, John O’Brien, Jack Wallen, and little old me. The names on the cover represent the best in apocalyptic and zombie fiction and I am humbled to be included.

This book is different from most of the other anthologies and such out there on the market. The mastermind, Jack Wallen, pulled us together and gave us a few story points that each author had to use. We had to use the shared information to create a story taking place around Middletown and its role in the beginning of the zombie outbreak. Each story is vastly different and the readers can take eleven different journeys to the beginning of the end.

The book is up for pre-order now and it is a mammoth tome of zombie goodness. The stories all weigh in at over 10k words apiece and will keep you reading deep into the night. Once the book is released on Halloween, I’ll give some insights into my story and give you a sense of the pressure I put on myself when I wrote.

So, head to Amazon and get one of the best zombie books of 2015 before it drops on October 31st.

Thanks and have a good night,


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