Halloween Greetings and Some Notes

WTWP_FrontCover_FinalHalloween is my Christmas. Instead of snow, bright lights, and elves; I’d rather have blood, darkness, and goblins. The trees are changing and their leaves fall to the ground covering the landscape. At night, a chill fills the air and the dead grow restless. For one night, for that one evening, the dark gets domain over us and it scares us. This time of year makes me extremely happy.

Being scared is a normal part of being human and I’m sure saved the lives of our early ancestors. I’d like to think that if they came across a big animal wanting to eat them, they’d run and save themselves. Thus, here we are to celebrate all the things haunting the earth and seeking out the living.

In celebration of Halloween week, I’m running Wicked Tales for Wicked People on special for the cool price of .99 (Trick-or-treat from me!). So, grab it for your Kindle thingy and curl up on the couch while the darkness surrounds you and pulls you in. The sale ends on November 1st, so hurry and don’t miss out!

MTAAlso this Halloween, the ultra-cool Middletown Apocalypse goes on sale. I’ve spoken about this book before and I can’t wait to see how the other ten authors brought the zombie apocalypse down on poor Middletown. The book is massive with each story clocking in at over ten thousand words. Head over to Amazon and preorder your copy today. When Halloween arrives, you’ll get your treat with this book.

Lastly, I have one other story set to be released in a cool book and once I get the info about the release date, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Now, go out and have a frightfully good Halloween!


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