A Changing Wind



In a couple of weeks, I will be returning to Louisville, KY for the third annual Imaginarium Convention. The con is a great writer-focused weekend with panels and signings plus the dealer room is free of charge. Be sure to pick up a badge to learn more about the craft or stop in to support all the authors and creators in attendance.

Once again, I will be setting up shop with my brother-from-another-mother, Jack Wallen. We will have books and jokes and kilts. Come by to see the kilted boys and pick up some words to consume as we ease our way into October and the Halloween season.

Speaking of the changing seasons, things are also changing in the winds with me. A few years ago, I had a table full of anthologies to sell. At the time, they were all I was focused on. I believed I had to use anthologies to build my name and cut my teeth in the craft. Now, I have stuff for sale that features my name only on the cover and damn, it feels good.

I wish I would’ve gone about it a little differently, however. In retrospect, I learned you need a mix of things in release to help build a base and drive sales. Armand Rosamilia once told me that anthologies are good to help sell the solo stuff. When you have a new book coming out, an anthology is good to help with cross-promotion and hopefully increasing sales. He’s done pretty well for himself and I value the lessons and insights he’s passed on to me.

In the last few years, I have focused almost solely on the solo work. I’ve made a few exceptions like the Middletown Apocalypse books (book two is coming soon) and the Hellmouth trilogy (with Jack Wallen, Jay Wilburn, and Armand Rosamillia). Short stories have been few and far between however. I do have one coming up shortly and I’ll get to that when it comes out. When I peek at the idea notes, they all seem to be novellas or novels. I pretty much have the next five books mapped out, but I didn’t see any short story ideas.

I guess while I try to find balance in my write life (the whole real job vs. writing thing), I need to find a similar balance in my work. To be honest, maybe if I sprinkled in a few shorts, I wouldn’t have issues with ADD and squirrels.

So, I have changed my approach and we’re going to see how it works out. Each month, I will try to finish two short stories. The time has come to get the ball rolling again and try to get the end game started. Maybe, just maybe, in a few years I can go full-time. I know I suck at pushing myself as a product and I hope to learn from one of the masters in a couple of weeks. If anything, I know to listen and try to apply what others have learned into my own approach. Not everything works for everybody, but you never know until you try.

Check you guys on the Upside Down,


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