Happy Halloween!

thecalling_brentabell_frontcover_promoHappy Halloween from my desk to whatever graveyard or house you happen to be haunting today. May your night be filled with fright and lots of treats.

It is no secret Halloween is my favorite holiday. There’s something about the month of October where all seems right with the world. The air has a chill and the leaves turn to their fiery hues. Our days become shorter and the nights seem to last an eternity. These are the times of the harvest and days where nature dies in preparation of winter.

If Christmas is harvest time for the money lenders, as Dickens once told us, Halloween is the same time for me. This year has been kind of slow release-wise as I focus on big projects, but the rest of the year will be pretty busy.

First off, The Calling, is set to drop any minute from Sirens Call Publications. The novella is part of my White Creek mythos and begins to build toward the events that transpired in my novella, In Memoriam. Second, I have a story in the upcoming anthology, What Dwells Below. My story, The Space Between, is a nice story of childhood friends and how events can shape your whole life. Lastly, my novelette, Phoenix Rising, will be in the follow-up to the successful, Middletown Apocalypse. My story acts as a direct sequel to my original story in the first book. Middletown Apocalypse 2: Midtown Apocalypse will be ready soon and the virus will be coming your way. Once each is released, I’ll post more information.

Beware the ghosts and ghouls tonight and don’t eat too much candy,


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