Can You Hear It? The Calling is Here!

thecalling_brentabell_frontcover_promoThe beginning of the end is here. Sirens Call Publications has released my new novella, The Calling. This is the second book in the White Creek series and is a prequel of sorts to In Memoriam. I’m excited for the book to be out there and I hope everyone enjoys it! Head to Amazon (paperback and Kindle) to pick it up now and it will be available on other platforms soon. In the coming month or two, there will be some give-aways and other surprises, so stay tuned!

From the publisher:

Carl Volker has a problem. After waking one morning with a hangover to find his wife gone, he notices a crow stalking around his yard.  As days go by with no word from his wife, more and more crows gather.

Frank Hill is sheriff in the seemingly pleasant town of White Creek. Up until recently, his job has been fairly mundane but after a recent spree of murders, bodies are beginning to pile up and Frank has no clue as to who the killer may be.

White Creek has kept its secrets hidden well over the years but the sins of its past are coming to light; the town harbors an evil and the bindings that keep it in check are beginning to unravel. 

As Frank and Carl’s friendship is tested and their destinies are revealed, the dead accumulate while the crows watch and The Calling begins!

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