Mythbusting The Amazon Algorithm – Reviews and Ranking For Authors

And this was an interesting look under the Amazon hood. I did have many questions about how Amazon did some of their rankings. There were some things I thought about trying and I did learn a few things I plan on using in the future. I can not stress enough the importance of reviews on Amazon. Each of those tells us our work is enjoyed or what we need to do better. They can help us move a rank and get a few more sales to help pay the rent or buy some food for the week. If you have Kindle Unlimited, download our books for free and be sure to flip through the book. All authors are paid by the pages read in Kindle Unlimited (see above for reasons being paid is a great thing). Stay safe from the ice storms and I’ll be here working on the next book for everyone.



Reblog: Mythbusting The Amazon Algorithm – Reviews and Ranking For Authors

Posted by: Cate Baum April 30, 2016 in Features

How to get the best out of your reviews and sales to rank high on Amazon without the myths from former search expert and COO of SPR, Cate Baum.

Despite many educated guesses that seem to have passed into urban legend in self-publishing communities online, there are no secrets to the Amazon ranking system.

I have spent the last few months tracking down programmers, algorithm experts, and reading technical documentation about Amazon’s algorithm, and the documentation that is provided online by Amazon at Amazon Seller Central and KDP. What I didn’t do was talk to any authors or bloggers, because that seems to be where the myths are coming from.

My first takehome fact for authors is that Amazon’s ranking is not a great mystery that authors must slave over…

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