The Writer’s New Clothes

New year and a new look! Since I started this site, I’ve grown in my work and in my life. Things are heading in the right direction, so I’ve decided to start updating everything to reflect this. If you are here, I hope you noticed the new look. I find it sleeker and it is easier to read and navigate.

The Facebook page has even seen a few changes. The main one is the adding of a shop (visit it here and more stuff is coming!). In the past, I’ve kind of let things ride and waited for them to shake out on their own concerning sales. One resolution I have is to make my work easier to get and to give readers options not available with stores. There is a store under construction here also. I want to give readers the chance to get autographed copies and you can’t get that from Amazon. I’m even throwing the idea of a forum on here at some point.

I want to thank those who are hanging around and there are great things coming this year and next.

Here we go,


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