What Are You Reading?

This month is the annual Summer Zombie blog tour and I am one of the authors featured this year. It is a nice way to be introduced to a new author or a new series to help your reading needs for the summer months out by the pool. There are plenty of posts on Facebook and if you want to catch up on the event, you can go to the main page and fix that now (hop on the tour here).

The post from tour guide Jay Wilburn today is a reading guide for the zombie fiction out there for you to consume like a dead person on the slow guy trying to run away from the horde. If you need some books to fill your bookshelf or your tech-book-reader-thingy head over to Jay’s site and get some zombie lovin’.

I wanted to duck in here to say hi and tell everyone to stay safe. I am working on a chapter for the tour round-robin story and the Dying Days book at the moment. The tour will have a teaser for Dying Days: Death Sentence later in the month. To help celebrate the tour, both Southern Devils books will be on sale for .99 on Kindle June 16th thru the 23rd.

Well, back to work…



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