Reconstruction of the Dead is here…

SD2_coverThe Southern Devils are on the march to Washington D.C. in the next book in the Civil War zombie series. Robert E. Lee has set his grand plan in motion and the Civil War is reignited. Will the reanimates over-run the north and eat their way through the surviving members of William Tecumseh Sherman’s Sword?

Today the Kindle version of the second book in the Southern Devils Series dropped. The paperback is coming soon and will be released by next week. To help celebrate the release, there are some deals on past books going on at Amazon. While you pick up your copy of Reconstruction of the Dead, you can pick up Wicked Tales for Wicked People for only .99 until May 13th. Stone Cold Horrors From the Stars is free until May 12th.

I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to leave a review and let me know what you thought.

This past week, I was featured in an interview over at The Sirens Call for my novella, The Calling. It is a great eZine and is free to check out. Go and grab some free scares and scream… Here is your key to some of the best in dark fiction (click here to download).

And Dying Days: Death Sentence going to be a late fall release. The book is becoming larger than originally planned and I wanted to give the new book some space to grow before I released another one.

I am a part of the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour again this year and I will get stuff posted about it as we get closer to the June 1st start date.

Lastly, I’m trying to decide what to read at Scares That Care! No pressure…

That’s all for now and goodnight,


P.S. Unpleasant dreams!




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