The Second American Civil War Begins May 8th

SD2_coverThe Southern Devils are back and the United States will never be the same!

From Amazon:

The Union has won the war, but the price is high. Abraham Lincoln is dead by an assassin’s bullet and the United States is reeling. Deep in the South, Robert E. Lee and the traitor, Peter Conner, have a new plan. The reanimate zombies are multiplying and the remnants of the Confederate Army see a chance for revenge. Their dream is to see the Confederate flag flying over Washington and the Union army defeated. Only the surviving members of The Sword and the voodoo priestess Hetty can turn the tide. From the shadows of Reconstruction, a new threat will rise and reignite the Civil War because the Southern Devils are loose again…

The second book in the Southern Devils series is up for pre-order now at Amazon (get your hands on it here). The book will drop on May 8th and the paperback will follow shortly.

Now, I need to finish the Dying Days book in the next two weeks to make the Scares That Care! convention. I am also happy to announce I will have a reading slot at the con along with the table. I hope to see some of you there and I look forward to seeing all my friends again.

Back to the grind,



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