Rest, Relax, and Reset

I am back from vacation and it was sorely needed. The grind of work and pressing to get some writing done left me drained. When I got home from work, the last thing I wanted to do was sit behind the PC and work some more. Sure, I’d turn the computer on and do some words, but I didn’t think it was good work. Sitting there and reading over what I had written left me feeling worse about it. Was I doing the best I could? Was I doing justice to the characters or the readers in the long run?

I needed a break from everything…


The sign acted like it knew me or something.

Taking a week and a half off from the real world can be surprisingly refreshing. I took my notebooks and pens with me to write, but I didn’t. Sure, I’d let my mind wander around and come up with some things, but I didn’t jot down a word.

And I’m okay with that.

It was nice to get a break and let the stress flow out of me. Now, I sit here with a clear head and I feel ready to tackle the work ahead. What’s ahead you ask? Here is a small rundown for the rest of the year:

Finish the nearly complete Death Inc.

The next White Creek/Frank Hill book is started.

Southern Devils 3 to finish the Civil War era and set the stage for it to expand.

And I think the Phoenix Virus storyline will wrap up this year in a book also. Afterwards, I plan to do something else with it.

Until next time, I have lots to do and I am ready to go. Let me leave you with a new friend…




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