Writers: Beware of the Investment Gap

This made me think abut my work and how I view it. I’ve been going through my head and trying to get myself righted again. What do you think? What types of writing do you like and what makes you run away screaming from it?

C h a z z W r i t e s . c o m

If you ask a proud native Portuguese speaker if their language is very different from Spanish, they might say, “Of course, Portuguese is very different! How dare you?” Some slapping and spitting might be involved.

In practice, there are many similarities and Spanish people can often understand Portuguese speakers quite well.

Welcome to the Investment Gap. 

The Investment Gap can hurt you.

An in-depth article on book design will tell you that page 1 has to start on the right. Deeper dives into old-school book design say a blank page should precede each new section. That would look wrong to many eyes but you’ll also notice a ton of praise gets thrown toward these detail-oriented articles — praise of other designers and writers, anyway.

Here’s the thing: most readers don’t even notice, let alone care. That’s not a Knowledge Gap. That’s the Investment Gap. 

We all want our work to…

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