Why isn’t it fall yet?

The country feels like the depths of Hell at the moment. Power grids are so overloaded they may fall under the stress of air conditioners. One minute in the sun will singe your eye lashes or boil your blood. The west is on fire and the east is under water.

If you aren’t cooking in your skin, you’re swimming in your streets.

What we need is fall to come a little early this year. I will welcome the cool days and cooler nights with open arms. I hate raking leaves, but I’ll take it if we can put the summer months behind us. I’ll make that sacrifice for everybody.

Right now, I want to put the Back-to-School area of stores in the river. The crayons and folders are taking up the space that new office… I mean, Halloween decorations will go. People look forward to Christmas, but I can’t wait to see the new skulls and gravestones each year.

In a world of constant bickering, I hope we can all come together for fall. Let’s hold hands, sing about the Headless Horseman looking for a top to chop, and roast things at bonfires. In the fall we can do those things. Now, if you light a bonfire? You’re an asshole, the world is hot enough at this point in time. However, I still light the grill up whenever I can.

On the work front, I’ve been getting in the Halloween mood by working on the new Middletown story, getting the omnibus for the first three Middletown tales put together, and working on the new Frank Hill book. There are some other things in the works too, but we’ll leave those for another time.

Stay cool and don’t get turned to ash in the heat.

Until we hang out again, my friends,


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Time to summon fall!



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