A New Era and Some Issues

IMG_0548[798]Ah, the smell of a new office.  It is nice to be able to begin working in my new space in the house. For my entire writing career, I’ve been at a small table in our bedroom. I’d sit in my chair and work in a space barely large enough for my PC and a beer. Honestly, sometimes it held me back. I’d find myself buried under piles of papers, pens, and other books. Sometimes, the piles would fall and cause an avalanche worthy of Mount Everest.

But, times are changing. I’m going to be completely honest with everyone right now… I considered calling it a day. I have anxiety issues and the grind of keeping it going along with the toll the main job takes almost became too much. For a period of time, Death Inc. and my story in the newest Middletown Apocalypse entry was going to be it. I had conversations with other authors who were leaning the same way.

I think I really did decide to quit and give up the dream.

Then a funny thing happened.

I thought back through everything I’d done and everyone I’d met because of making this choice. Meeting all of you and being an escape from the world is what I wanted to do. Hell, I still want to do it. The Muse wouldn’t let me end the journey either. She still needs to show me things I can pass on to the world. I still need her to whisper in my ear and speak to me of scary things in the night.

In these dark days, we need each other my friends.

So, we are now on this journey till death do us part, dear readers. I don’t take enough time to write or to hang out with you here, but I plan on fixing all that. Come inside and have a seat. We can talk about the Cubs, the weather, or the guy who lives down the block you think is a vampire. It doesn’t matter. Kick your feet up and make yourself at home.

Death Inc. will go on sale October 30th in time for some funny Halloween reading. We can talk more about the pre-sale later.

Halloween decorations are in stores, the weather is finally getting cooler, and the days are growing shorter. These are the days we live for, my friends.




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