Death Inc. Is Now Accepting Applications

I wanted to give everyone a quick announcement this evening. Well, a few actually…

First off, I managed to finish and turn in my Middletown Apocalypse 4 story. This volume moves the action to a music festival. The dangerous Phoenix Virus, from my series of stories, begins to creep out into the populace, far beyond the government’s control.  The first three chapters in the Phoenix Protocol series will be collected this fall and released around the same time the new Middletown anthology drops.

Second, Death Inc., is open and ready for business. It is my first comedy, besides my work with the Hellmouth Trilogy. It is ready for pre-order on the Kindle now.

From Amazon:

The Grim Reaper comes for us all eventually. When he comes, how do we know it is the real deal? After eons of acting as Death, Grim has turned his job into the Afterlife’s best profession. He also ushered in an era of commercialization in the realms of the dead. Grim is now the CEO of Death Incorporated, or Death Inc. for short.
Milo Anderson is Death Inc’s newest recruit, but when he botches his first Reaping, it sets off a chain of events throughout the Veil of Souls that will leave the Afterlife reeling and the fate of the Universe on the edge of oblivion. Can Milo complete his task and bring balance back to the Veil?
Enter the new world by Brent Abell, author of the Southern Devils series and White Creek cycle. Come pull back the Veil and see a side of the Afterlife we were never taught in Sunday School.


There will be a paperback soon after for those who like real dead tree books. The plan is for this to be a trilogy and I’m working on the possibility of a pilot script to go along with the series.

I’ll invite you all back later. We need to catch up again and see what we can do this fall as Halloween rolls in and the nights get longer…and darker. Be cool to everyone and take care of each other.




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