Happy Halloween!

First off, I want to wish all of you a happy Halloween! This is my Christmas and I live to see fall take over the land. The leaves turn a fiery hue and set the countryside ablaze in its glory. A nip creeps into the night and the wind blows with a cool touch on my cheek. It’s like Mother Nature is giving us all a kiss as she goes to sleep for the winter.

I love the ghosts and goblins. I like to think about the walls of our reality with the dead thinning and some crossing into our realm. On this one day, we all get to indulge ourselves in our fears. This day is for all of us to let go of the way we perceive life and look at it through a different lens.

Death gives us piece of mind.

Halloween gives us a chance to celebrate death and what we fear about it. I used to fear death, but I’ve made my peace with it. The simple fact is… it comes for us all. The more we try to deny it, the more we deprive ourselves the chance to celebrate what little time we have here in the land of the living.

Perhaps Halloween is our way of making peace with the inevitable.

Would we fear the Reaper if he showed up on our door this evening?

Would we offer our hand and go peacefully with him beyond the Veil of Souls?

I admit, I think about death quite a bit. Where do we go when we die? Do we blink out of existence? Do we go to Heaven, Hell, or someplace in-between? This ended up being the main drive behind Death Inc..

I ponder the questions of what the Afterlife could be like and if it would be a cool place to go. Well, if you like the commercial status-quo of life when you’re dead… you’ll like the world introduced in Death Inc..

I am pleased to announce that Death Inc. is now open for business! It is the first book of anew series and I hope you all enjoy Milo Anderson’s trek through the Afterlife as a new hire at Death Inc..

It is on Kindle now and will be in dead tree form soon.

Have a safe and scary Halloween!

Warmest Nightmares,



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