The Grind: Part 1


Here we are…the grind.

This has been one of the most productive times I’ve had in my career as a writer. Dragonflies, my new White Creek novel, is in the hands of the pre-readers and I’m about 1/3rd of the way through the next chapter in my corner of the Dying Days universe. The only thing I’ve been wanting to do is write a few short stories. Due to the continued push to keep my novel storylines going, I’ve slacked on the short works. I will return to them soon, but I’m not sure when I will have the time too.

Believe me, I want to change this, but the ongoing novel story-arcs are taking the lead.

The advance comments are that Dragonflies is a good fun ride. I will have it subbed out soon and I hope it will stay in the famliy with The Calling. I thought it was a good adventure for Frank Hill, and I hope you all will get to join him on another adventure.

Now, the grind…

Writing is a rough job. It doesn’t get any easier when you hold a full-time job try to keep up with all the other duties a husband and father has. Any few minutes one can grab to write any words at all are a blessing. In those few precious minutes, I have to take pride in any words I get typed.

This is not an easy job. Sometimes, the words don’t come easy. Sometimes they are damned hard to come by. When you sit down to write, anything you get typed is progress. I used to think if I didn’t get my word goal for the day, I was a failure.


Any words a writer gets down on either paper or on the computer is progress. Did you end the session with more words that what you started with? If you answered yes; you are a success. So what if I only got a couple hundred words for the day; I ended my day with more words than what I started with.

That my friends, is a success.

I haven’t had someone enter the Arena for the “10 Questions” in a long time. I’m working on bringing some authors back into the Arena to fight for their lives against the deadly questions.

Be kind and take care of each other,




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