The Grind 2: Escape

Many have called writing an escape from the grind of the real. I agree with the assessment wholeheartedly. At the end of a ten hour shift, I enjoy sitting down behind the keyboard to unwind. Granted, I’ve become a victim of the grind lately and haven’t been putting in the time I need to finish the new book, but it’s okay as long as I sit and do something. Sometimes, only a paragraph is completed, but it’s progress my friends!

How far I get in any given day doesn’t matter. Did I sit down and let the world slip from my shoulders? For those precious minutes, did I escape into the various worlds I’m creating to hang out with the people dwelling in my imagination? When I turned the computer off, did I feel rejuvenated?

My friends, I feel the weight lifted with each key stroke. We all need something to help us through the grind of life. Reading, hiking, or writing can soothe us and bring us back to a place where we can relax and take refuge from the world. I also collect vintage 70’s and 80’s Star Wars toys as a way to relax. What do you do to escape and recharge?

It doesn’t matter if I spend a few minutes or a few hours… the escape is good for the soul.

In closing, I want to update you on a few items. Dragonflies is about to be subbed to the publisher. So far, the pre-readers have liked it and that’s cool. I’m putting off the omnibus for my Phoenix Virus until I can include the latest chapter in a few months. The original tales are in the Middletown Apocalypse series of books. I chose to use each story to build on each other creating one narrative throughout the anthologies. I’m nearing the halfway point on Dying Days: Zealot and I like where Nora and the gang are headed. There are some new folks they’re meeting along the way and some bad business they’re about to walk into.

Well, the rain has stopped for a few hours and the grass needs bushwhacked. Stay dry and don’t let the grind get you down.



Time to summon something to stop the rain!


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