All Our Fingers and All Our Toes

IMG_0197I hope everyone here in the US had a nice July 4th. The dog really didn’t freak out about the fireworks like I thought he would. Maybe they didn’t sound as close as the thunder that turns him into a trembling wreck. I’ll take that as a win in my book. I also hope everybody came away from the holiday with all their pieces. There have been times where I’m surprised I didn’t lose a finger while shooting Roman Candles at each other. I’m also surprised I didn’t become a flaming ball myself. Maybe that says something about our aim…

Big news dropped in the zombie world this week. When new comics hit the stands on Wednesday, The Walking Dead, came to a sudden end. I didn’t know what to think about the abrupt ending, but after Robert Kirkman’s rationale behind it, I understand. Still, it’s weird thinking the show is still slogging on while the source material is out of the picture. I mean, not that the comic and show were in lock-step with each other to begin with. I know I usually don’t comment on these things, but in the zombie genre, this is huge.

There have been issues in life and the new Dying Days book is behind. I’m halfway, so it isn’t like I’m on page 10 or anything like that. It has been a disappointment for me due to wanting to finish a couple of projects this year. The line is getting long and I need to dig deep to get through it in a timely manner. I had been looking at the short story market again, but the novels are yelling louder at me to get to.

That being said…

The omnibus for the Phoenix Protocol stories found in the Middletown series is being held so I can add the latest addition to the series in it. After some thought, the forth chapter closes out the first part of the narrative while opening up the shift in the story to a world ruled by the undead. I want to get Dying Days: Zealot through the first draft before I work on collecting those stories.

Lastly, until the 8th, there is a Kindle sale over at Amazon. You can pick up; Death Inc., Dying Days: Death Sentence, Southern Devils, Southern Devils: Reconstruction of the Deadand Wicked Tales for Wicked People for the low price of .99. So, go and pick up some beach reading material or something to read indoors so you don’t melt in the heat. As always, please leave a review for anything you pick up from any author. Love or hate…please let us know what you think!

And now I must leave you fine people and cut the grass while it isn’t raining for a few hours.




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