Fall is Here! This is not a Drill!

Time to summon fall!

You have to love when people decide to break out the spray paint to put random stuff on random walkways. The last gasps of summer are here. While the heat is on-and-off, it is fading away. The nights are getting cool and crisp. The leaves are falling. They decided not to change this year and just wanted to end their lives early. Apple cider has hit the stores and the Halloween decorations are filling store shelves.

Kids are in school and the world is constantly on the brink of burning down. But hey, fall is here and everything is gonna be okay.

This fall is very meaningful for me. I’ve become a grandfather and now my youngest is in college. There are things, like summer, I need to let fall wash away. There were half-baked ideas about being a full-time writer. There were hopes of doing something else in life, but the ideals I held have been revisited. Like the summer, it is time for the old things to die and pass. It is time for fall to clear out the past and once winter ends, let spring bring new growth and life.

There is now a two-year window to the dream. In two years, I will have been doing this for ten years. There have been heartaches and triumphs, defeats and victories. In the end, it has been hard to find the balance between this and life (making a living). I make this promise to you wonderful people… we are going to give it one last shot.

There are stories to tell and things that demand a proper ending. For those who have shown their support, I thank you deeply. I’m going to do this with you and hopefully we can come out at the end of tunnel with renewed vigor and new life.

The dream isn’t dead…long live the dream.

Lets do this,


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