The Horror is Real

Nothing in the novels we’ve read could’ve prepared us for the reality we live in now. All the movies about dangerous infections haven’t made our lives easier either. Covid-19 has cut a deadly path across the globe and has led to the shutting down of life as we know it. Cities and countries are on lock-down and people are asked to shelter in their homes. The horde raids grocery stores daily to buy all the toilet paper they can. I still don’t get that one…it isn’t an intestinal disease.

The scariest part of this is the impact it will have on the country and world once the dust settles. People will have been out of work for months due to places being shuttered during the pandemic. The ripple effects from this will last long beyond the flattening of the infection curve. We are in uncharted territory.

So, let’s catch up you and I.

Evil ended its season and it was a hell of a ride. I still highly recommend the show and it did get granted a second season. Oh…I was misinformed about the number of first season episodes; there were 13 episodes in the first season. My bad. Anyway, watch it and support it so we can have more horror-based shows like it on broadcast networks.

I’m working on three books and projects at the same time. Between those and my freelance work, things are going slowly. Things are progressing and I’ll let you see some peeks soon.

To help those stuck in their homes, all the books I have pricing control over is now .99 on Kindle for the time being. Head to my Amazon page and grab some cheap reads.

I need to head out to work on the new books and build the new section of my deck. Take care and follow the social distance guidelines. It may not only save you, but it could save someone you love.

Stay safe,



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