When Fear is the New Normal

I planned to announce the new anthology I have a story in or maybe do the cover reveal for the Middletown omnibus, but there are more important things on my mind these days. Last time we spoke, we touched on our lives in the age of Covid-19. Everything about the world has changed. I’ve never felt fear like I do now, and I’m sure a lot of people share my thoughts.

There are times in my past when I thought I was afraid, but I was wrong. People out in the world aren’t taking the threat to our way of life Covid-19 presents seriously, and it’s quite disturbing. In an attempt to control the spread of a highly infectious virus, society is on lockdown. I’m sorry if some feel this is a slight against their freedoms, but where do their freedoms end and someone’s right to live begin?

I have a few of the underlaying condidtions. Two of them are among the worst for a person to have and catch Covid-19. My job is classified ‘essential’, and I must venture out each day to work for other people’s health. The people I see at the store when I shop scare me. They ignore social distancing, and they don’t wear masks to protect themselves or those around them.

I don’t fear myself doing something to catch the virus, but I live in fear someone else will cause me to catch Covid-19. When I see people ignoring the guidelines meant to control the spread, I get anxious. Taking a trip out to get groceries causes me to have panic attacks when I get back to the car.

Everyday I live with the fear Covid-19 will kill me.

When this is over, I’m not sure how we go on. Life will not go back to normal. There are large groups of people I will never look at the same way again. Their flippant attitude about the virus and the shelter-in-place measures anger me. You follow these orders to protect others if not yourself. The actions of these people risk the lives of many others. refusing to wear a mask is a sign of disrespect for others and their lives. It is dangerous to anyone these people may accidentally carry it home to.

I fear someone will be responsible for my death.

I used to fear my demise, but I’ve made peace with the prospect of dying. I have plenty to live for, and I’m not ready to cash in my chips yet. Take what you will from this message. If you know others who ignore the guidelines, help them see how this can change someone’s life for the worse.

Maybe next time, we can talk under better circumstances. I hope so, because we still have much to do together.

Stay safe and keep those around you safe also.

Later my friends,



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