Rushing to End the 2020 Dumpster Fire

We all need a drink this year!

The end of this absolutely shit year is approaching fast. I don’t think anyone will want to keep this year going any longer than it has to. When the clock strikes midnight and 2021 arrives, it’ll be a party like no other. I believe we’ve all earned that beer, right? Actually, we’ve earned more than one, but who’s counting?

The past year has been a real-life horror show for so many people; it’s hard to put into words. We have the breakdown of social order on multiple levels, Covid-19 is ravaging the planet, and the toll on our mental states has been staggering.

This year has given me plenty of time to reflect on things. Honestly, I’ve debated giving up this part of my life. There were times, I came real close to pulling the plug on things, but in all the crap this year has thrown at me, I’m still here.

I have my brothers Jack Wallen, Dillon Brown, and Sean Cochrane, to thank for the pep in my literary step lately. Once I reluctantly began working on the Disquieted project, I felt the inner-fire burn again. It took me finding a group to work with. I enjoy not feeling like I’m adrift all alone anymore. In fact, we’ll soon be revealing what we have coming next.

After I got going again, I finished doing massive re-edits on most of my back catalog, got a project going that will go along with the Dragonflies release, and even popped up in a short horror film. If you haven’t checked out Dillon Brown’s The Keeper, go unfuck that now. (Go here to watch for free.)

The plate is full with the end of the Southern Devils trilogy coming to a close, the first draft of Dying Days: Zealot is finished, and the second Death Inc. book is in the planning stages. There may also be a book with another author on our respective schedules.

Needless to say, there is plenty more to come. I’m thankful this year for all my family, friends, and those of you who support my work and all the indie horror scene. We do it all for you!

Thank you all again and be safe over the holiday season,


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