Employee Picks Will Open for Business 3-19-21

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March 19th will see Employee Picks open its doors for business. Step back in time when VHS tapes ruled, and you had to check out physical movies to watch. The same crew who brought you Disquieted (check it out here) have gone back to their childhood for this love letter to those horror movies of the VHS era.

From Amazon:

When four boys rent a stack of video tapes from the mysterious new video store that just opened up, their movie marathon night quickly evolves into a night of horror that gets worse and worse with each twisted film they watch.

Bone Box by Brent Abell
In their last summer before high school, four friends will be drawn into a nightmare they never saw coming. One of them has a problem, and his hobbies of collecting the bones of dead animals are about to come back to haunt them.

The Dinner Party by Dillon Brown
When Haley and her friends travel to Dingman’s Lake for a weekend camping trip full of booze, boom-boxes and making out, the infamous campfire tale of Colonel Dingman’s lost caravan is told, and a sacrifice must be made. But when the kids tempt fate and refuse to pay in blood, the forest comes alive and sends the undead on a mission to feed. It’s a tale of cannibalistic carnage and you’re invited…

who am i? by Jack Wallen
the 80s were a time of innocence and simplicity
where music and fashion came together to create a new world order of culture
and yet the human condition was just as complex
underneath our skin we hid a silent nature
that begged for release

Final Girl by Sean Cochrane
There’s only one thing Jason loves more than masked killers, gallons of stage blood, and heavy metal: his girlfriend Tammy. When Tammy’s hidden past comes back with a vengeance, Jason realizes that his hours spent watching horror flicks were preparing him for the showdown of a lifetime.

Come in and check out what horrors Employee Picks has to offer in paperback and on Kindle starting 3-19-2021.

Raise some Hell 3-19-2021

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