UPDATE: Dying Days: Zealot is Here! (Now the Paperback is Too!)

UPDATE: After a short delay, the paperback is now on sale! Pick up your dead tree copy here!

After a couple of years in the making, Nora and the others are back on the road. Weary from the constant travel and their losses, they make their way to the Florida border. They will meet new allies and new enemies in the form a strange cult devoted to worshipping the zombies. The followers of the undead want to make everyone immortal by crucifying them and waiting for them to rise from the dead. Nora and her friends will find themselves in a fight for their lives and their souls. Who will carry on and who will fall? Find out today!

In celebration of the new release, all my zombie fiction is on sale for a cool .99 on Amazon for the Kindle. Hit up my Author Page (here) on Amazon to grab those deals until July 5th!

I want to thank Armand Rosamilia for his continued support of my trip through his Hellish vision of Florida and Jack Wallen for the sweet cover.

Thanks my friends,


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