He’s behind me isn’t he?

Welcome to 2022!

We can all agree the last two years have been a struggle on multiple levels. The world continues to burn while we sit in the blaze with a coffee or beer thinking this is fine. We’ve all had our personal trials and tribulations. Some have consumed us and others have liberated us. The time has been a mixed bag for me. The struggle to stay sane is rough, and I’ve failed to stay in my right mind. Part of the fight has been metal and part has been physical. Most of all, the fight to keep this up has been an uphill battle.

In the end, the muse wins…

She always wins.

My absence from here is something I’m truly sorry about. It was never my intent to disappear from this page, but I did some long stretches off the web trying to find my peace and balance. I believe I finally have some balance and inner peace now. The main thing I’ve tried to learn is how be easier on myself and let things bounce off me. Trying to live and take a more positive attitude toward life has left me mentally and physically exhausted. For a few months, I didn’t even write. Each time I sat down behind the keyboard, I found a new excuse or bullshit reason to ignore the muse.

Well, the muse and I are back on speaking terms.

My resolution for 2022 is to be a constant presence for my continued work on here and in other places. I needed the kick in the ass from Jack, Sean, and Dillon to get my head right and producing again. Hopefully, two long gesturing books from a press will see the light of day. The follow-up to Disquieted and Employee Picks will have a very splatterpunk feel to it. Milo is about to embark on his next adventure in his job at Death INC., and the final chapters in the Southern Devils and my Dying Days adventures will be completed this year.

I want this year to be a breakout year.

Please join me, because we’re going to have a hell of a time!


Behind the desk 1-8-22

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