The World is Vast and Dark

I’ll never get enough of this type of view. Looking out from my vacation balcony as the sun rises over the ocean is a beauty rarely equaled. Watching and listening to the waves lap against the boat as it glides over the water is calming. I gaze out over the vastness of the ocean, and I ponder my place in life. What is our place in this world?

The ocean is a deep dark place where we know very little. The depths contain life we would see as alien if we saw it on the surface. I wonder what being cast off to the deep’s darkness would feel like. Would it feel like I could sink forever? It drives home the fact in the grand scheme of life, we are tiny grains in a bottomless abyss. Our planet is itself, a tiny grain in the vast universe. We are all a part of something grander than ourselves. In my head, I can hear John Lennon singing, Imagine. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I find myself thinking more about my mortality. I want to imagine a better place for my grandkids and their kids. This isn’t an impossible task, but we must look past being a tiny grain of sand and being part of something larger than ourselves. We need to look after each other and do what is required for the common good. We need to stop closing minds and open them to the possibilities of an untied people.

Maybe this is the ramblings of an old man who dreams of a better time and place.

But maybe not.

Maybe it’s the ramblings of someone who believes we can be and do better by each other.

I hope you all have a nice day and thanks for stopping by,


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