Texas Chain-meh Massacre

Man, the roaches are big here.

Okay, I love a good bloody horror flick. I will give most any slasher, possession, haunted house, or bloody-whatever a look. I get it, I’m easy. The current state of ignoring previous sequels and doing new films as a direct sequel to the original movie has become the big thing lately. I thought the Halloween reboot/sequel was fun. Halloween Kills, not so much, but still a nice way to tell the story that started decades ago.

Now, we come to the mess they made with Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I love the original film and while the sequels were mostly uneven and laughable at times, they made for some enjoyable viewing. Netflix decided to waste my subscription money on a film that rated so bad at pre-screenings they wanted to sell it and not give it a theatrical release. After watching it, I can see why.

The movie is a hot mess. The opening starts out with promise. After the first film, nobody knows who Leather is and it allowed him to disappear. If they don’t know your name or face, what can they search for you with? It brings back some names and situations from the original, but mostly as fan service. Yes, Halloween did it too, but it did it better. I want to root for somebody to live, but I wanted them all to die. Nobody had one redeeming quality to them. Hell, I’m still wondering if Leatherface is really a magical being with all the impossible tricks he makes his chainsaw do. The only thing I liked was the bus scene. You want to clap watching people die on social media? This is it.

Overall, it’s a shitty film. Is it worth wasting an hour and a half of your life? Maybe, but it depends on how much you hate yourself that day. I had low expectations going in, so it didn’t disappoint in that regard. This is one case where I hate Netflix for raising rates to throw money at any and every movie they come across.

If you watched it, what did you think about the film?

Well, thanks for stopping by. I’m off to work on the untitled book and the final Southern Devils book.

Drink with ya later!


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