The Battle Ends Soon

I’m writing the final battle as we speak. The end of the second American Civil War is at its end. The reanimate forces commanded by the traitor Peter Conner and a reluctant Robert E. Lee are devouring everything they engage in Washington. Meanwhile, the surviving members of the Sword race to stop Conner from his ultimate victory where nobody wins and death reigns supreme.

I can’t believe I’m finally close to finishing the trilogy that started my writing path. The first Southern Devils book started out as a short story but begged me to be something more. I listened to the muse and created a way for the short story to grow into a novel and a trilogy. The series has framed my journey, and now it’s weird thinking the journey is close to finding its ending.

I look back on how much time has passed and how much my life has changed. I’ve made friends in the genre, created some great stories, and suffered in my head. The battles with doubt, depression, and anxiety have never been won, but I continue to work through it. Writing is the great escape, and I hope you find some escape when you read the stories I’ve shared and want to continue sharing with you. Sometimes I think I can’t go on doing this, but the muse always calls me back.

The world is burning around us…

So, who brought the marshmallows?

Thanks for stopping by for the quick update, and I hope to have some news on some other projects soon.

I’m going to have a drink in my tiki mug and try to close this thing out. Keep cool!

Until next time,


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