Here We Go Again

Ready for the masses after some time off.

This weekend, I yanked the band-aid off and returned to the table game. It has been three or four years since I set up at a convention.

Or anywhere for that matter…

It was amazing to meet and connect with readers again in person. I set up with Plan-9 Toys at Bot Con in Nashville on Friday followed by appearing at the Evansville Museum Geek and Comic Con. Both restored the faith in myself I’d lacked for some time.

I also wanted to let everyone know new material is on the way. I had a story accepted for an unannounced anthology and will have a story in the Halloween issue of The Sirens Call eZine. The covers for Dragonflies and Small Town Horror are being completed and finalized. Southern Devils 3 is completed except for the epilogue. There are a few things either finished or nearing completion and looking for homes soon.

Over the next few months, I will be getting deep into the third Dying Days book and the second novel in the Death Inc. series. I’m looking at trying a few new things out, so I’ll let you know what happens there.

Lastly, I will be a panelist on a zombie lit panel at DragonCon in Atlanta next Friday.

There is a ton of things happening, and I hope you’re ready for a hell of a ride! Thank you for coming along on this journey, and I’ll check back with you later to make sure I didn’t lose you.

Now, I’m off to fire up the grill, have a beer (or a couple), and light up a cigar. Have fun kids and enjoy the waning days of summer. Fall is coming soon…


From somewhere in the summer’s twilight

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