Get Ready for a Double Dose

How about them covers?

June 15th won’t be a good day in White Creek. The long brewing winter storm arrives leaving the town awash in blood and bodies. Frank Hill can feel the end nearing, but can he stop it? How are the dragonflies tied to the evil simmering beneath the surface? Find out in the next White Creek novel, Dragonflies!

I have a surprise for you… June 15th also is the date the White Creek short story collection, Small Town Terrors, is coming out as well! All of my White Creek stories, and the novella In Memoriam, will be collected for the first time ever in one tome. Get it as a great companion to The Calling and Dragonflies!

When the books drop officially, I’ll be sure to let you know where you can get them for your next trip into the evil town of White Creek.

Check you on the other side,



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