Winter has Arrived in White Creek

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From Amazon:

Sheriff Frank Hill knows about the evil simmering beneath the surface of White Creek. He’s battled it before, and it cost him dearly. Once again, he must step up to do the job he’s tried to run from for a lifetime.

Ten years ago, Eric Dean survived his brush with death. Taken by a killer and saved by a miracle, the experience left his world in shambles, and his mind infested with visions of dragonflies. Eric hasn’t seen the dragonflies in years, but as a new horror threatens the town, the visions have returned. Drawn back to White Creek to team up with the Sheriff and his partner, Chris, will they be able to overcome the odds and fight the evil brewing there? Or is the threat simply too much for them to handle this time?

One thing is certain, White Creek is no longer the safe place the residents believe it to be.

Dragonflies is finally out in the wild. I would like to thank the fine folks at Sirens Call Publications for once again taking a chance with White Creek and poor Sheriff Frank Hill. I hope all of you have as much fun reading it as I did bringing Frank, Chris, Eric, and the town back to the world. The story isn’t over, so buckle, up because it’ll be a bumpy ride.

Be sure to hit Amazon up for a copy on Kindle or in the popular dead tree format. Email your receipt to for a chance to win an uncorrected proof with the only glossy cover that will ever exist. Or if you want extra chances, post pics of you reading it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever place you kids post pics these days.

I want to thank those who helped make this book a reality. My family and dog, the fine SCP crew (Nina, Lee, and Gloria), and to the readers. You people rock \m/

Thanks as always,


I’m going back to my beer now, so enjoy the book!


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