Quick Appearance Update…Updated!!!!

A quick appearance update for everyone.  I will be with Wesley Southard at Comics Unlimited for a reading and signing on October 20th 2012.  Find all the lovely details over in the Appearances section.  I also aim to go out for beer since it also my birthday.  I accepct beer and rum donations…

I will soon be changing some things around here to prepare for In Memoriam and beyond. 

And I will also be doing a reading/interview/discussion online Monday.  Not sure if it is live or will be broadcast later.  I will give you all more details when I get them.

UPDATE:  The online interview and reading will be at a later date.  August 27 is the target date.  I’ll get links when the date is firm.

Well, things are looking up!  I have two novellas going and both are waiting to be looked at by some places when I finish with them.  After that the novel that is sitting around plotted and ready to go will be my focus.  Throw in some shorts here and there, a short story collection, and I’m going to be a busy guy for the rest of the year.

The next few post from me will be from Star Wars Celebration VI so the tone is going to skew geeky for a week.


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