On-Line Reading and Interview

Evening kiddies, I just wanted to give a quick little bit of info.  Last night I recorded a reading and discussion about my views on the horror genre with Austin Moss at whattheglasscontains.com.  It went very well and had an unexpected twist.  I began by reading my flash fiction piece “The Conversation” (from Pill Hill Press’s Daily Flash 2012).  I didn’t plan on reading anything else, but the topic of today’s society and how the horror genre fits in started up.  I spoke a bit about In Memoriam and how it came from social issues facing the country today.  In the end, I read the prologue to the novella and it was well received.  I will post the links to the interview when it goes live around August 27th.    Hope everyone goes and checks it out.

Now Armand and I will begin the final edits and get it out for the masses.


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