Strolling Down the “Corridors”

MentalWard2Cover Echoes of the Past…

In places where unspeakable atrocities occurred sometimes ‘something’ lingers, stuck between the worlds of the living and the dead. Those who believe in the grey area behind the veil will tell you that those places can become eternal cages that hold the souls of the deceased captive.

Mental Ward: Echoes of the Past is a collection of twelve such stories; tales of hauntings taking place in asylums. The places where the crazed, the insane, and sometimes the different were hidden away from society’s view.

Follow the winding path crafted by the talented, and in some cases, twisted imaginations of the storytellers who would taint your peaceful world with their echoes of the past.

Thus is the low down on the new anthology from Sirens Call Publications titled, Mental Ward: Echoes of the Past.  I was very honored to be selected as one of the twelve authors to bring you kicking and screaming into the darkness that dwells within the walls and the minds of the mental ward.  My story, “Corridors”, is kind of an odd tale.  When I wrote it, the entire last half of the story started out completely different.  The more I looked back at the original version (before I practically rewrote it) the more I loved the tale, but something didn’t feel right about it.  I tinkered with it for weeks before I felt satisfied.  Honestly, that is my biggest problem as an author…I can’t just leave it alone.  For some reason, I never feel like the story is good enough or I feel that I left tons of story unsaid and dangling around in the literary abyss.  This is one story that when I completed the rewrite before submitting it, I felt I said what I wanted to say.

This is the first of a string of new releases over the next month or so with my stories.  If you feel like a good read, go and enter the Mental Ward…if you dare!  You can find it on for your Kindle, in trusty old paperback, and in other various electronic versions by clicking on the desired link in the various words and phrases behind these very words.  I know, I’m odd…

Well, take care and don’t swallow the pills they try to give you once the straight-jacket gets strapped on you!


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