The Original, One Last Time…And it’s on Sale!

inmemoriam copyThere shall be no more crying, no more mourning, and no more death.  The tears shall be wiped from their eyes and vengeance heaped upon those who have done them wrong.  Look not to the life you want to lead, but to the one you should have lived.  Look not upon the past for comfort, because the former things have passed away.

And thus I took some liberties with my favorite bible passage to bring an announcement.  On October 1st, my debut novella, In Memoriam, will be going out of print for the time being.  You can pick up the Kindle version now for the blow-out-the-door-low-price of .99.  That’s right folks, for under a buck, you can have the first print.  The print version will also be coming down too.  If you would rather have a real tree/paper book, you only have a few days left to grab one before they are gone.  So, press this nice little links here for either Kindle or print to order today.

This was my first solo work.  I progressed from short stories, to this novella, to my novel (which is soon to be edited and then shopped around).  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Armand Rosamilia for taking the chance on a new writer.  During the process, I got more than a book published from Rymfire Press, I also gained a great friend in the field.  Do yourself a favor and go check him out at his site (please click here).

In a way it is bitter-sweet to see the first print ride off into the sunset, but there are other things in motion.  For over a year, this was my baby and it feels odd to think of it in this way.  I take pride in the fact I set out to write it and that people have liked it.  If you do decide to give the book a spin, please feel free to give her an Amazon review too.  Remember, that is how we know you like our work and it gives us the encouragement we need to keep going.

Lastly, I want to thank all the reader and those of you here for your support.  Don’t forget to follow here if you’re stopping by for the first time.

I will leave you now, so take care and goodnight…

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